Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk

First Day in the Big City

Welcome to the Green Dragon Inn

Taking him up on his offer of hospitality, our heroes accompanied Ricard back to his establishment, the Green Dragon Inn. The inn is located in the river district — a working class district of sailors, tradesmen, and adventurers. The district, and indeed the entire city, is full of visitors at the moment for two reasons. First, the week-long autumn festival of Brewfest has just begun. Second, the renowned adventurer and high cleric of Boccob, Riggby, recently passed away and his body has arrived in Greyhawk where it will lie in state for a few days before his funeral. Many notables from across the Flanaess are arriving to attend his memorial service.

Over the course of their first day at the inn the PC’s met most of the staff:

  • Bethel Milner — the first barmaid who served the PC’s. Soft-spoken.
  • Lindara Fletcher — beautiful blonde barmaid who seems taken with Rax.
  • Dendra Carter — older, somewhat surly daytime bartender
  • Gulthen Droverson — friendly evening bartender
  • Tolenn Tolan — prickly french-accented chef who took offense at Hurgrid’s request to cook his fish in ale rather than in the sauce Tolenn normally uses.
  • Birgit Loyalar — chatty and perky evening barmaid.
  • Evessa Gale — red-haired half-elf evening barmaid.

The PC’s also took note of a couple of notable patrons:

  • Khellek — an older man who dresses as a wizard and appears to be the inn’s reining dragonchess champion
  • Tirra — a roguish-looking elf

By and large the PC’s passed their first day eating, drinking, and getting to know folks (including each other).

Rax and Hurgrid — the Rivalry Begins

As the day progressed, Rax and Hurgrid started to develop a friendly rivalry. Rax sees himself as the consumate ladies’ man and tried to give Hurgrid pointers. Hurgrid wasn’t interested, and pointed out that Rax is a child in his eyes.

The two adventurers attempted to determine who was the better man through a series of contests. Hurgrid was able to stand on his head longer than Rax. They tied at arm wrestling. And Rax was victorious at an impromptu game of forks that created great amusement in the tavern and may ultimately lead to a Green Dragon fork league. So for now the two men are are tied.

A Dark Prophecy

The first night they were at the inn the PC’s saw a group of priests of St. Cuthbert going table to table attempting to persuade the patrons that dark times were upon them based on prophetic visions. Seraphina promised their leader that she and her companions would meet with Corinther, the regional prelate of St. Cuthbert, the next morning and hear him out if the priests would leave the patrons alone that night.

The next morning Corinther arrived for breakfast and made his case. He explained that several priests of St. Cuthbert had experienced prophetic dreams and visions foretelling an imminant attack on Greyhawk by the forces of Iuz the Evil One. Iuz is the half-demon who rose to power in the north roughly 150 years ago. His kingdom warred with their neighbors for years before Iuz mysteriously disappeared.

It was eventually discovered that he had been trapped in a magical prison beneath Castle Greyhawk by the mad archmage Zagig as part of Zagig’s scheme to ascend to godhood. Iuz remained trapped beneath the castle for 65 years until he was released by Lord Robilar in a failed attempt to kill the Evil One. He immediately retook his throne and initiated what came to be known as the Greyhawk Wars.

Those wars ended 13 years ago, and Iuz has been relatively quiet since then. But the visions now coming to the church of St. Cuthbert — who has long been Iuz’ fiercest enemy — suggest that the death of Riggby, another old foe of Iuz, will embolden the Evil One to strike at the city of Greyhawk.

Corinther and his followers have been trying to rally the government and other churches to prepare for an attack, but most are reluctant to believe them. The PC’s agreed to be on the lookout for signs of Iuz’ return and do what they could to obtain evidence to back up the prophecy.

As the session ended the PC’s were planning to investigate the ruins of Castle Greyhawk, both because of its connection with Iuz and because it seemed to be the destination of the bandits that waylaid the caravan on the road. Though first they are likely to sell some of their loot and re-equip.


Rax — 800
Seraphina — 800
Hurgrid — 600
Nes — 500



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