Timeline of Key Events

320 CY — Castle Greyhawk built by Zagig Yragerne

375 CY — Zagig becomes Lord Mayor of Greyhawk

393 CY — Zagig founds Greyhawk Guild of Wizardry

420 CY — Zagig disappears; becomes recluse in the castle

505 CY — Zagig traps Iuz and other demigods; ascends to godhood

561 CY — Mordenkainen founds adventuring group the Citadel of Eight (members include Bigby, Robilar, Riggby, and Tenser)

569 CY — Battle of Emridy Meadows. Citadel of Eight dissolves amid acrimony

570 CY — Green Dragon Inn opens in Greyhawk

570 CY — Iuz released from his prison beneath Castle Greyhawk. Lord Robilar’s involvement leads to the authorities in Greyhawk sacking his estate.

571 CY — Mordenkainen secretly founds a new adventuring group, the Circle of Eight (members include Bigby, Rary, and Tenser)

573 CY — Greyhawk Wars begin

584 CY — Greyhawk Wars end. Rary and Robilar attempt to assassinate their former colleagues and diplomats at the signing.

597 CY — Death of Riggby. Campaign begins

Timeline of Key Events

Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk ShawnMcNulty