Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk

Hobnobber Heaven

Talked to Altamaic. Learned about the secret doors and the elevators. Each PC got a token worth one 5th level spell from the Temple of Boccob.

Headed back to the castle to explore the lower level and confront the General.

Nes disabled trap on door to elevator.

Lowered one level, after failing STR check and using feather fall. Found another elevator room with flesh golem. Killed golem. Got +2 flaming longsword. Rax took it in place of his +1 flaming longsword.

Lowered to next level. Fought and killed 6 hobgoblins, 2 worgs, and took hobgoblin leader prisoner.


Hurgrid, Rax, and Seraphina each take 1,950 XP.
Nes takes 2,250 XP, the bonus being for disarming the trap.



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