Loot Log

Ambush on the road to Greyhawk

Potion of resist electricity 10
Potion of resist fire 10
Masterwork sickle
2 masterwork daggers
Cloak of resistance +1
Eyes of the Eagle (Seraphina)
7 +1 throwing axes
7 masterwork throwing axes
7 sets of masterwork leather armor
14 potions of cure moderate wounds

From Tower of War (subject to 25% “tax”)
Scale mail barding (Rax/Frida)
Scale mail barding (x3)
heavy steel shield (x3)
mwk longsword (x3)
heavy crossbow (x3)
60 bolts
4 vials of holy water
4 small mwk rapiers
4 small studded leather armor
4 small daggers
4 small shortbows
4 doses large scorpion venom (Nes)
+1 studded leather armor
+1 rapier
Potion of cure moderate
3 doses of medium spider venom
+1 flaming longsword (Rax)
Mwk shortsword
Full plate armor
1 potion of cure serious (Seraphina)
Wand of cure light (CL 1st, 23 charges) (Rax)
2 doses deathblade poison (Nes)
2 rubies (50 gp each)
74 gp in coins
20 yards silk (200 gp)
40 yards linen (160 gp)
1 barrel good ale (40 gp)
1 barrel common ale (25 gp)

Flesh golem

+2 flaming longsword (Rax)

Hobgoblin Ambush

12 potions of cure light (3 for each PC)
7 mwk chain shirts
6 heavy flails
6 mwk comp longbows (+3 STR)
48 +1 shock arrows (Nes)
+1 keen shortsword (Rax)
mwk shortsword
potion of invisibility (Seraphina)
Wand of cure light (CL 3, 22 charges) (Rax)


2 mwk chain shirts
2 mwk comp longbows (+3 STR)
20 silver tipped arrows
20 cold iron arrows
4 vials of alchemists fire
2 thunderstones (Seraphina)
2 tanglefoot bags (Nes)
2 javelins of lightning (Rax & Hurgrid)

Naga’s Treasure

28 platinum
214 gold
165 silver
58 copper
4 pouches of diamond dust (250 gp each)
2 ruby rings (150 gp each)
elemental gem (air) (2,250 gp) (Nes)
figurine of wondrous power (silver raven) (3,800 gp) (Seraphina)

Battle in Chasm Room

2 scrolls of sound burst (Hurgrid)
2 oil of magic weapon
2 splint mail
2 mwk greatswords
2 silver holy symbols of Iuz
2 sets clerical vestments
1 cowbell
scroll of heal (Hurgrid)
wand of searing light (CL 5, 11 charges) (Hurgrid)
+1 full plate
+1 greatsword
ring of protection +1 (Hurgrid)
silver holy symbol of Iuz
1 set clerical vestments

In the creek

100 gp

General’s body

+2 breastplate
blade of chaos
+1 handaxe
ring of minor energy resistance (fire)
ring of counterspells (hold person)
cloak of resist +1
gauntlets of ogre power

Loot Log

Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk ShawnMcNulty